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Trent Boyd's 4 man crew boated 180 or so fish with 125 or so kept. Lots of  number 2 spot with 5
or 6
number 1spot. Everyone had a keeper trout with some decent croakers, mullet, pig fish and
perch. We released 20 plus rock, two flounder and 20 or so seabass. Fish wanted fresh
bloodworms but we did use about a LB of squid too. Trent and crew are coming back to do more
damage this Saturday but we still have some Sundays and maybe another Saturday or two open for
the fisherman happy with mostly
number 2 spot with some number 1 mixed in along with some
mullet, croakers, pig fish and perch. New phone messed me up on getting my spot pics but Ill have
the hang of it by next week so check us out to see if the
big spot bite picks up.