Directions to "Mister J's Pleasure" at Remlik Marina:

01)  From Richmond take 360 East.
02)  Go through Mechanicsville, Central Garage, Aylett and Saint Stevens Church.
03)  Turn Right onto 620/684 at Millers Tavern right beside the Watts store and Shell station.
04)  Follow 684 until it intersects with Rt. 17 (Texaco Station at this corner).
05)  Take a right onto Rt. 17 and pass through Essex county and enter Middlesex county.
06)  You will pass by Virginia Race Way, a Napa store and Big Johns store.
07)  After passing by Big Johns store start paying attention to the Road Signs.
08)  As you pass the Hampton 53 miles Newport News 53 miles sign get in the left hand lane.
09)  Go about another mile and turn left onto 602 at the Remlik sign.
10)  Go about another 3 miles and turn left onto 637 at another Remlik sign.
11)  Stay on 637 for about 2 miles and turn right onto 656.
12)  656 will dead end at Remlik marina.
13)  The "Mister J's Pleasure is docked in the North building Slip 20.
14)  If you get lost call me at (804) 314-4799

I 64 Wespoint Directions:
01)  Take I 64 East and get off on the Westpoint exit.
02)  Follow Rt 33 through Westpoint until it intersect with Rt 17 at Glenns, Virginia.
03)  Take a left on 17 North.
04)  Follow 17 North for 5 to 7 miles and make a right onto 602 at the Remlik sign.
05)  Follow directions from step 10 above.